These are examples of the educational and informative articles sent in our e newsletter.

  Welcome aboard, aspiring writers Yumiko Matsuoka
  Skills for Harmony Singers Sandy Cressman
Plug It In! - A Quick Guide to Live Vocal Mics Jack Kontney
  Scat singing, Help! Dr Kirby Shaw
  The World Of A Cappella Music Welles Goodrich
  Women in A Cappella Music Rhiannon
  Barbershop Harmony David Wright
  Woman in A Cappella Amy "Bob" Englehart
  Millennium Women Morgan Ames
  The Origin Of Barbershop Harmony  
Doo-Wop Acappella - An overview Laura L Grivaines
A Cappella From an Agent's Point of View Ken Malucelli
Sound Amplification For Vocal Groups Tom Dustman
My Barbershopper's Wish List Todd Wilson
  I'll Fix It In The Mix Darren Rust
A Cappella Tech Tips Joel Foner

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