The A Cappella Foundation is a non-profit public benefit corporation founded in 1999 to educate the public and broaden awareness of the rich cultural history and art of a cappella music. Our goals are to be an educational resource for a cappella artists, music teachers and students and to develop and promote an appreciation of the art of a cappella music throughout the world.

As we develop our resources and web site in the coming months, we will attempt to achieve these goals by providing a rich array of information, services and discussion.

It is our belief that a cappella music is a valuable asset to our lives and our Foundation strives to provide a rich range of information and discussion that will appeal to everyone: we want to educate and inspire newcomers to a cappella, as well as provide feedback, information and resources for industry professionals.

The A Cappella Foundation has enlisted the assistance of supporters that include a growing base of professional promoters, CD-makers, and other music industry specialists to develop the materials and resources needed for these support activities. We thank these individuals for their time and their talent.

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