Ways to help make you famous!

Include a copy of our "A Cappella Promo Flyer" in your press kit. Free Four-color glossy sheets available for ACF members.

Submit your group contact information to the "A Cappella Talent" online data base.

Submit your performances dates with Musi-cal, on online concert data base with an a cappella search critera.

Post your shows, find new group members of just keep up with the scene in your area on the regional a cappella egroups

Take classes from a vocal coach. We maintain a list of recommended coaches.

Sing the National Anthem at professional sports games. Details and contacts.

Read these classic books on the music business. "This Business Of Music" - Shemel Krasilovsky (Billboard Books), "The Road Show" - Rena Shagan (ACA Books)

Send your CDs to:

Us! - For consideration for the A Cappella Music Awards

CASA - For consideration for the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards

The Recorded A Cappella Review Board (RARB) - Panel of independent reviewers

A Cappella Radio Stations. See list here.

If you are serious about your own record company then you are advised to join the Association Of Independent Music (AFIM), a trade group for independent record labels, whose annual convention is very informative.

More to come..

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